Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh my god I'm in KENYA!

Okay, so I have never been one to blog so it has taken a long time for me to decide I need to just do it. I have been in Kenya for nearly five weeks now so a lot has happened. I think I would short out the computer system if I tried to type it all right now... So I think I may have to steal Deanna's 30 second update idea and just list the essentials. Here goes:

- We made it to Kenya, barely, twelve hour lay-over in London sucks.
- The first few nights in Nairobi were filled with sleeping, people having sex in the room upstairs while we were trying to sleep, and trying not to fall asleep at dinner. Interesting times. Time changes are not fun.
- We added a fifth member to our team. Her name is Michelle. It is a match made in heaven. She belongs with us... even if she is Puerto Rican and we give her a hard time for it everyday.
- The first morning at the center we woke up to a rooster at 5:00 a.m., finally able to block him out when the 90's American rap started, around 7:00 a.m. Solider boy and T-pain in the morning= very grumpy Caitlyn. Also, learned quickly about Deanna's morning habits... maybe someday I will be able to talk about it without cringing...
- The first week at the center;
- wake up to the same damn rooster and the same music. Sometimes the same song six
times in a row
- set up a schedule for the kids to establish some structure
- set up another schedule for the kids because the first one wouldn't work
- scratched the whole schedule and just worked on a schedule for the school at the Centre
- were told we now had to teach the classes in schedule we had made
- had to talk myself out ripping my hair out with frustration
- Settled in to somewhat of a schedule and had it all change when more volunteers showed up to teach.
- Established a schedule for our club activities. Art, Nature, Literature, and Choir are the clubs we ended up with. Tuesday and Thursdays we play indoor and outdoor games. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are club days.
- Our world was flipped upside down when we were told that the Chef that had been cooking amazing African food for us everyday was leaving and we had to cook for ourselves. Sad Sad day.. Spaghetti every night just isn't that appealing.
- Michelle and I went on a little "Safari" to Solio Ranch. It was more of an animal butt Safari because that was about all we could see of the animals as they ran away from us. We saw Mufasa though (Lion King reference!)
- We learned some of the hip places in Nyeri; Banana Leaf Resort (great food, better beer), Julie's Coffee shop (legit coffee, good sandwiches), Dorpix Cyber Cafe (good music, great staff, fast cheap internet)
- I miss my dog, Tyson, alot. I miss my family, alot. I miss American food, alot. I miss my friends (Lauren!!) alot.
-Time flies when your in another country.
- You, well more like Deanna and Michelle, become really open about bodily habits when you live with four people in a small apartment for a month.
- Look both ways before you cross the road. Then look again in the opposite order because they drive on the wrong side here and if your not careful you WILL get hit.
- If you pay the workers at the animal orphanage you can get in the cage with a cheetah and pet it. Even though the sign claims it to be a corruption free zone. Must be an Mzungu special..
- Girrafes are really sloppy kissers.
- Night life in Nairobi isn't much different that in America. Really bad music played way to loud for the speakers in the club and there are still creepers.
- Horseback riding hurts here too. The sites are better but it still hurts... alot.
- People are still pushy here...Deanna!! Gotta go. Dad (Wangila, main man) is here. Time for clubs. Will write again in another month.

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  1. one a month? we need more. bungee jump? safari? oh yeah, the kids!

    great update!