Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I know I know it hasn't been a month yet.. aren't you proud of me?!?

I realized we only have 3 plus weeks left and I should probably have more than just two blog posts for an entire summer in AFRICA. I STILL can't believe I'm in Africa. Yesterday Jamie and I went for a walk with Nature club down to the river and when we got there we could see a troop of wild monkeys playing in the trees across the river. SO COOL!! I was thinking to myself, "wow, self, we are actually in Africa!!" Okay once again there is way to much to talk about so I'm going to steal Deanna's update list. Here goes:

-Michelle left us... Sad sad day. It's so strange not having her here anymore.

--If you didn't already know, the team and I went bungee jumping. It was amazing. The climb was the hardest part. I hate ladders...especially a huge ladder on a crane. The next worst part, getting from the ladder into the cage. I never thought I could bend that way. The best part, falling out of the cage and praying to god the little ankle cuffs could hold you. BTW hanging upside down over a river can give you quite the headache....oh and if you have back problems DON'T BUNGEE JUMP. My next step: SKYDIVING!!!!!!

-I have been on two Safari's. One was legit the other was more like an animal park. We saw every animal I could have hoped to see. Samburu was amazing! We sat on the top of the Range Rover. I lost my sandals... still not sure how that happened.
- Our guide for the Safari told me I would have a job as a spotter for her if I ever come
back to Kenya... Hello graduation plan!!

- The kids are amazing!!!! I don't even know where to begin... After about a week of being called Karen cause they couldn't say Caitlyn I finally just shortened my name to Kate. It seems to work pretty well. I'm still learning to respond to it... "Kate. Kate! Kate!! KATE!!".... "OH, I'm Kate.. What's up little kid?"

-I'm not as funny as Deanna... sorry.

- I went for a walk to the river one of the fist weeks we were here and ended up in a tug-o-war, me as the rope, between the kids and a large African women that was trying to get me to come into her house and drink tea with her. She finally gave up but not before she tried to stuff one of her puppies into my hands. Never thought I could say no to a free puppy did you!!! Neither did I, if i had known what was going on I probably wouldn't have...

- Machizi means crazy in Kiswahili... also happens to be the name of a famous rap duo that I can confidently say are my friends. Look them up. Its a good story. Came from the streets and are now pursung their dreams. Cool guys.

- Deanna have started going to the girls dorms every night and giving them all goodnight hugs and tucking them into bed. Best part of my day!

- I can't believe we only have 3 weeks and 3 days left. I feel like I am finally starting to settle in. Now we are leaving.

- Once again, I always start my blogs to late and get about half way through and the team is ready to go. I will write again soon... Promise.

I miss you Daddy!!!!

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